Now Presenting “Soup’s On”: An Homage to Pin-Up Art

Pre-cast of "Soup's On" by Craig Bergsgaard

Pre-cast of "Soup's On" by Craig Bergsgaard

Fueled by Fantasy

I’m pleased to introduce Soup’s On, the newest piece in my Homage to the Pin Up series.

Soup’s On is my ode to two of my favorite illustrative art forms, Pin Up art and romanticized Western images from the 1940s. Illustrators in that era fueled our daydreams, whether they were those of riding the open range or catching a forbidden peek of shapely legs.

Pin Up Heroes

My inspiration mostly stems from the work of Gil Elvgren (1914-1980) and Alberto Vargas (1896-1982). Their pin-up imagery graced men’s magazines, inspired aircraft nose-art, and gave me ample subject matter to explore.

The Western flair of Soup’s On is my nod to the over-the-top romanticized imagery that colored so much of the world’s perception of the American West.

Classicism and an Hourglass Figure

Behind the playful pose –Doesn’t everybody ring a dinner triangle with a gun firmly in hand?-is a classical composition showing the delicacy of the female human form. Our Soup’s On gal just happens to be wearing fringe instead of Grecian garb.

There is a gentle protrusion of the female leg right above the knee, for example. I worked for days getting that small area of flesh just right. Or notice the sinewy musculature of her toned arms and shoulders-each muscle had to be anatomically sound before I ever sculpted her features.

Edition Size and Price

I hope you enjoy Soup’s On as much I as I do. The edition size is limited to 21.

Here is the pricing structure:

Numbers 1 through 19: $2,895 pre-cast; once the first one has been cast, the price will increase to $3,895

Number 20: $4,895

Number 21: Not available for sale at this time; this piece will be held and sold as a set with the final pieces of the entire Homage to the Pin Up series, currently estimated to be four sculptures.

Comments? I’d love to hear your feedback.