Booth Western Art Museum Journey West Gala

Memorare, Sand Creek 1864 on display during the event

Me with "Memorare, Sand Creek 1864"

Me with "Memorare, Sand Creek 1864"

About the Journey West Gala

On August 21, 2010, I will be attending the Booth Western Art Museum’s Journey West Gala. This is the second year for the event, which has already become an annual affair at the museum.

The gala features a black tie dinner, silent auction, and presentation of a lifetime achievement award for artist Kenneth Riley. The event will raise funds for the museum, a critical endeavor for an institution that values educating their art-loving audience.
“One of our most important functions is education,” says Seth Hopkins, Executive Director of the museum. “We serve thousands of people in the South interested

Seth Hopkins, Executive Director, Booth Western Art Museum

Seth Hopkins, Executive Director, Booth Western Art Museum

in the lore and mystique of the West, but who may not have the opportunity to see a complete body of artwork of the genre.” The museum also offers hands on,interactive displays for children to stimulate their love of art and the West.

Memorare, Sand Creek 1864 will be on display during the gala as part of a viewing event for patrons to see the museum’s newly acquired works. I will be attending the festivities and look forward to seeing both old friends and meeting new ones.

About the Booth Museum of Western Art

The Booth Western art museum is located in Cartersville, Georgia, a small community of 20,000 about an hour north of Atlanta. The museum is the definitive venue for fine western art in the Southeast, serving over 40,000 visitors annually who are eager to get a glimpse of the splendor of the West.

Booth Western Art Museum, Cartersville, Georgia

Booth Western Art Museum, Cartersville, Georgia

“The ‘self-defining attitude] of the West is a quality that all Americans can appreciate, even if we do not live there,” says Hopkins. “Many of our patrons grew up in the era of the movie western, and

had their imaginations fueled by the love of the West. Others simply appreciate good art, regardless of genre.”

For more information on the Booth Museum or the gala, please see the Booth Western Art Museum website. To read more about Memorare at the museum, please follow this link: Bergsgaard sculpture at the Booth Western Art Museum.

Heartfelt Thanks to all my Calgary Friends and Supporters, This Year and Last!

Craig Bergsgaard at The Calgary Stampede 2010

Western art lovers: if you weren’t at the CALGARY STAMPEDE, you missed an amazing show! The Stampede, besides offering rodeo, Chuckwagon racing (the “Chucks”) and a plethora of other fun Western-style events, hosts Canada’s premier Western art show, with over sixty artists specializing in Western art and culture. I had an incredible time this year, meeting people and sharing my love of great western art. While I enjoy the camaraderie shared by all the participating Western artists, the most exceptional part of the show for me was, of course, meeting all the wonderful new people who connect with my art on an emotional level.

My Stampede 2010

bergsgaard-calgary-1Although a bit grueling, since as a featured artist the Stampede consists of twelve straight twelve hour days for me, I really enjoyed being able to connect with and meet people who appreciate my work, and who share my passion for Western iconography and art. I was also very pleased to be able to re-acquaint myself with several people who had bought some of my work last year and were kind enough to come by to renew our connection. Since I never got to post the pictures from last year, I thought I would do a mix of this year’s and last year’s Calgary Stampede pictures here. To all the Western art lovers out there who missed the show, this year or last year, DON’T MISS NEXT YEAR! It’s a wonderful experience and should be on every Western art lovers to-do list.

Heartfelt Thanks to all my Calgary Friends and Supporters, This Year and Last!

bergsgaard-calgary-2To all the amazing people who came this year, I want to give a big THANK YOU to everyone who made this year and last year’s show so successful, enjoyable and fulfilling.

Just the other day, someone asked me if I remembered the first time a stranger bought a piece of my work. I was embarrassed to say I did not remember that moment because it is a watershed moment in any artist’s career. Much of the time I fall short in expressing my humility, but I assure you, the instant a perfect stranger connects with my work, I am deeply humbled and you become a friend. Since I just returned from the Calgary Stampede; THANK YOU to all my new friends!

2009 & 2010


  • Randy and Marilyn W, Calgary AB
  • Orluff and Judy O Ogden,UT
  • Cal & family Calgary AB
  • Roma & Stewart A. Fleet, UK
  • Philip & Donna D. Calgary, AB Houston TX
  • Alan & Shirley A. Calgary, AB
  • Hon Marlene G. Calgary AB
  • Ellen H. Calgary AB
  • James & Jill C. Calgary AB
  • 08 & 09 boothmate Michele Zarb
  • 2010 booth mate Murrary Philips

Not pictured

  • Red & Maria Calif
  • Alan & Shirley A. Calgary, AB
  • Peter D. & family Belfast N Ireland
  • Doug Spark Calgary, AB
  • Gregory H. Calgary, AB
  • Murray & Elizabeth Philips Langly, BC
  • Debbie & Rick W. Calgary AB