For Those Independent Folks Drawn to the Cowboy Life

Presenting my newest clay, Luv’n the Life

You know who you are: the ranch life is in your blood…even if you were born in the city.

"Luv'n the Life" by Craig Bergsgaard

"Luv'n the Life" by Craig Bergsgaard

As you may know, I grew up on a dairy farm. Since horses consumed valuable resources, my folks considered them to be non-essential. But as soon as I was old enough to earn some money, I convinced my dad to let me have one.

One of the saddest days of my young life was when I left for the military after high school and had to give up my pal, Blaze.

Fast forward 40 years

As I commute around the part of our country we call the West, I can’t help but pine for the opportunity to spend some time “cowboy’n”. This has been a “bucket list” item for many years!

Recently, I had the opportunity to spend time on a ranch, saddled up and repositioned a herd of cattle. The result was a sore “back”, a smile on my face, and inspiration for my newest sculpture, Luv’n the Life.

Luv’n the Life at a special pre-cast price

To usher in my booth at the National Final’s Rodeo Cowboy Christmas show, I am offering a special 2010-only precast price of $1,500. Precast price will go up to $1,800 in 2011. Cast sculpture will start at $2,100.

Horse Closeup

Luv'n Horse Closeup

Luv'n Cowboy Closeup

Luv'n Cowboy Closeup

The finished size of Luv’n the Life will be approximately 14″ tall by 14″ long. Edition size is 49.

Reserve yours today for only $300 down.

Please email me or call my assistant Amy at 602-510-3662.

Luv'n the Life

Luv'n the Life

She’s a sassy, gun-toting pin-up for Second Amendment fans

The newest piece in my Homage to the Pin Up series is available for pre-cast ordering.

Right to Bare Arms features a negligee-clad pin-up gal exercising her Second Amendment rights.

Right to Bare Arms by Craig Bergsgaard

Right to Bare Arms by Craig Bergsgaard

Side view of Right to Bare arms

Side view of Right to Bare arms

This sexy lady with with her faithful companion shotgun at the ready is gutsy and feminine all at once.

Right to Bare Arms is a play on the Second Amendment, which is near and dear to any cowboy’s heart.

In this piece, I wanted to portray the essence of old Western pin-up art by capturing the alluring contrast between the seductiveness of her attire and shapely bare arms with the confidence with which she handles her weapon.

Pre-cast ordering and edition is limited

The final, cast version of Right to Bare Arms will finish with a base approx 28″ tall. I am only casting 21 and offering pre-cast orders only until January 20th.

The pre-cast price is $2,895. After 11:59pm January 20, 2011, any remaining pieces will have a starting price of $3,895.

Order yours today

Please contact me today to reserve your copy of Right to Bare Arms at the pre-cast price.

Interested in owning BOTH pieces in my Homage to the Pin Up series?
Please contact me to discuss package pricing.