New in bronze! Recounting the Coup, Full Figure

Craig Bergsgaard Recounting the Coup

Just back from the foundry

When I showed Recounting the Coup-Full Figure in clay, it was a showstopper from Scottsdale to Calgary. Now, I am pleased to announce that this work is complete and ready in bronze.

Recounting the Coup Full Figure detail

Recounting the Coup Full Figure - facial detail


Recounting the Coup Full Figure - pipe

Pipe detail

Adornment detail

Recounting the Coup Full Figure - feathers

Feather detail

Recounting the Coup, Full Figure is an edition of 15 and measures 45″ h (with base) x 22″ x 20″ [1/2 life size]. Price is $13,500.

To order yours, please call 602-510-3662 or contact me by email.

To read more about Recounting the Coup Full Figure please see my earlier blog post about inspiration for Recounting the Coup, Full Figure.

Introducing Eureka (What Now)

Life-size sculpture to go to foundry in April; maquette size also to be sold

Craig Bergsgaard Eureka What Now

My newest sculpture depicts a prospector learning the meaning of “Be careful what you wish for.”


Eureka (What Now) by Craig Bergsgaard

Full size:
Dimensions 75” tall with base (life size), Edition of 15, Price is $27,000 pre-cast / $35,000 cast

Dimensions 27” tall with base, Edition of 21, Price is $2,400 precast / $3,400 cast

Prospectors endured hardships before they struck it rich…and sometimes afterward, too

Fearing vigilante “justice”

Few things could cause an argument to erupt over the ownership of a stake than a hungry prospector actually finding a big chunk of “the yellow.”

In Eureka (What Now) , we see our hero the moment after his initial elation has passed – and he realizes that his troubles are only beginning.

Detail of Eureka (What Now) by Craig Bergsgaard

Detail of "Eureka (What Now)" by Craig Bergsgaard

A story oft told

Over a dozen areas of America (or soon-to-be America) experienced “gold fever”

The scene portrayed in Eureka (What Now) was likely told hundreds of times across the 18th and 19th centuries in all of these areas that experienced their own gold rushes:

  • Cabarrus County, North Carolina, 1799
  • Georgia, 1828
  • California, 1848
  • Pikes Peak, Colorado, 1859
  • Northern Nevada, 1850–1934
  • Idaho (aka the Fort Colville Gold Rush), 1860
  • Bannack, Montana, 1862
  • Black Hills, South Dakota and Wyoming, 1874–1878
  • Eastern Oregon, 1860s–1870s
  • Bodie, California, 1876
  • Cripple Creek, Colorado, 1891
  • Mount Baker, Washington, 1897–1920’s
  • Nome, Alaska, 1898–99

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Order your version of Eureka (Now What) today at the precast price for a substantial savings

Save $1,000 on the maquette and $8,000 on the life-size if you order during precast pricing.

The life-size will be ready for installation beginning in September and the maquette will be ready for delivery in July.

Please contact me by email or call my assistant Amy at 602-510-3662 to reserve yours today.