Buffalo Hunt II

Edition size 9 – 26.5″ h x 20″ w x 16″ d

Keeping the Spirit

Keeping the Spirit features a Native American woman wrapped in a buffalo robe and with an eagle feather in her hair. The feather is rendered in sterling silver. She combines my love of classical figurative studies with Native American imagery.

Recounting the Coup

Can you imagine what it felt like to watch your way of life slip away?

Saving the Day

In Saving the Day, Craig Bergsgaard depicts a Navajo man tenderly caring for a small lamb in his flock.

The Chaperone

32″H x 14″W x 14″D

Twenty percent of the proceeds from the sale of the #1 piece will go to support the non-profit Young Weaver’s Fund which supports traditional weaving education for Navajo youth.

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