Introducing the folks at Short Branch Ranch

A new collection of Western-themed bar accessories from Craig Bergsgaard, renowned sculptor of the Old West

Short Branch Ranch, a new line of Western barware by Craig Bergsgaard

Life on a working ranch ain’t for “greenhorns”

Herding cattle, wrangling horses, chasing off poachers—life on the ranch makes for LONG days of work. Every man has to pull his own weight, and these fellows do (in one way or t’other).

Which one of these cattlemen is most like you?
Asa, a no-nonsense man who makes money like Midas.
Barzell, your basic “wallop-first-ask-questions-later” kind of fellow
Noble, silent-but-strong—and always there when you need him
El Ojo Uno, a good time charlie who is fond of the ladies and the poker table

Collect the entire set today.

All four decanters are cast in pewter and have a rubber stopper atop a handsome glass carafe. Price is $239 each (or $920 for the set of 4) and the decanters will be available in time for your Christmas gift-giving.

If you are interested in adding the fellers from Short Branch Ranch to your bar collection, please contact Craig Bergsgaard.