Meet Asa, the boss of Short Branch Ranch

asa full

Some call him iron-handed, he would say “focused”

“I swear, if you can’t ride it or take it to bed, you don’t need it.” ~Asa

Owning a ranch leaves no room for tomfoolery. On Asa’s ranch, the day starts before the sun comes up and keeps on goin’ until the work is done (and not a second before).

He has no time to suffer deadbeats or troublemakers. Folks who cross him find themselves at the receiving end of a reminder of “who’s the boss ‘round here,” administered by Barzell, Asa’s right-hand man.

The way Asa sees it, his sternness is justified: Life is dog-eat-dog and without discipline he would never survive the revenuers, rustlers, and ruthless widows who vie for a piece of his ranching fortune.

A private man, Asa does not share his thoughts and feelings—unless those thoughts include “Get back to work!”

Of course, at the end of a hard day’s work, a man should get a chance to relax with his whisky.

The Asa decanter is pewter with a rubber stopper atop a handsome glass carafe. The price is $239 and will be ready to ship in time for holiday gift giving.

To add Asa (or the rest of the Short Branch Ranch gang) to your bar collection, please contact Craig Bergsgaard.

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