Meet Noble, ranch hand and ultimate example of the phrase “still waters run deep.”

“Noble: The Working Man” by Craig Bergsgaard

Every ranch owner wants a man like Noble on his crew.

“You never really learn to swear until you learn to drive cattle.” ~Noble

A sun-weathered beanpole of a man, Noble works hard and will do whatever’s needed with nary a word of complaint. In fact, he rarely speaks any words at all: “yup” and “nope” are about as chatty as he gets.

True, Noble’s lack of small talk can make for a l-o-n-g day on the trail—but conversation is a small price to pay for a companion who takes heed of his surroundings and can be relied on during a fracas.

Would you like to have the strong-and-silent type in your bar collection?

Noble is made from pewter with a rubber stopper atop a handsome glass carafe. The price is $239 and can be delivered by Christmas.

To add Noble (or the whole Short Branch Ranch set) to your collection, please contact Craig Bergsgaard.

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Noble is a man of few words, but we have got those few words for you on our Short Branch Twitter account, hashtag Noble (#Noble)