The Lesson

The Lesson depicts two Navajo women of yesteryear carding and spinning wool.

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The Lesson by Craig Bergsgaard
Finished is 20″ t x 24″w x 16″ d

Sculptor Craig Bergsgaard learned about Navajo carding and spinning techniques in his 2010 research trip to the historic Toadlena Trading Post on the occasion of their annual carding and spinning day.

Your purchase of this sculpture helps the weavers of the historic Toadlena Trading Post

Twenty percent of the sale of the first piece in the edition will be donated to the the Toadlena Young Weaver’s Project, a non-profit fund administered by the Wheelwright Museum of the American Indian in Santa Fe.

The #1 version will have three special features that the other pieces in the edition will not have:

  1. A miniature Navajo rug (approx 6″ x 18″) with the title of the piece handwoven into it
  2. A special walnut “jewelry box” style base with a drawer that can house the tiny rug, the catalog, and photos of the piece with the weavers (and other show ephemera)
  3. The title is laser-cut into the jewelry box and highlighted with gold pigment

This sculpture is offered on a first-come, first-served basis. If you would like us to reserve the #1 of The Lesson for you, please email Wopila Artist Guild or contact us by telephone at 602-510-3662.