Meet El Ojo Uno, a smooth operator with an eye for the ladies…and a knack for losing at cards

“El Ojo Uno: The Smooth Operator” by Craig Bergsgaard

When El Ojo Uno makes his way into town, the merrymaking BEGINS.

“I thought I wanted a career, turns out I only wanted whiskey money.” ~El Ojo Uno

Truth be told, after all these years of ranching, El Ojo Uno is a bit rough around the edges—but that doesn’t tarnish any of his charm.

Quick to laugh and to pinch a shapely behind, ol’ one eye is always the life of the party.

If you want to hear about the calamity that cost El Ojo Uno his right eye, he’ll willingly recount the tale—though the saga differs every time he tells it. As he sees it, there is no reason to let the truth get in the way of a good story.

Would you like El Ojo Uno to liven up your at-home watering hole?

Our whisky decanter is pewter with a rubber stopper atop a handsome glass carafe. El Ojo Uno is priced at $239 and is available in time for Christmas gift-giving.

To add El Ojo Uno (or the whole set) to your collection, please contact Craig Bergsgaard directly.

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Speaking of good story, El Ojo Uno tells a few on our Short Branch Twitter account, hashtag ElOjoUno (#ElOjoUno)